50 Rockets (pre-rolled)


  • 50 Pre-rolled rockets
  • 80 Square fin packs (cut in half diagonally before using)

Available on backorder



Paper Rockets will provide hours of fun and Entertainment!  Each rocket will last between 10 and 15 launches.

These rockets come pre-rolled with a foam nose cone affixed.  All you need to do is attach the fins and blast off!!!

Paper squares are included to make the fins.  Simply cut the squares in half diagonally, then glue them on the tail of the rockets.  Elmer’s glue works the best.  Apply a thin line of glue to a side of the fin, then hold in place on the rocket for 15 seconds.  Allow to dry for 5 minutes before launching.

Each box contains the specified number of rolled rockets with nose cones and enough fin squares to allow 3 fins per rocket (1.5 squares).


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